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Jul 7, 2007

Loose Strands : ~1
All is change, except abstract truth.

I am as you, I am change.
"No teaching is ultimately helpful that declares the powerlessness of the individual in any direction ... for its effect is not the full development of one's powers, but their partial stultification." - U.G.
Learn to master all circumstances... this requires concentration not needless wasted time that you'll never recover, this requires self-reliance (within) instead of misplaced dependence upon anything without. Learn true possession and events will yield to you.
"But we are not able... circumstances are too much for us" -- private
Too much for our actual (developed) power of control, but never too much for our potential.
"True change cannot occur within laws and limitations, predictions and imaginations." -- I.U.
True change is bound by one's ideals; perceptions colored and labeled by one's ideas, understanding becomes biased. Learn to see patterns in everything. All knowledge is thus, fact will follow fact, each having its day, till the fact of each fact, the principle (the true-in-itself) becomes known. Learn to the see patterns within patterns.
"Ignorance is trust." -- R.Scott Bakkar
Can you defend against the unseen? What you ignore may not ignore you.
"Better wake up, you sleepy head, the big old world will pass us by, so many things we could do instead, get what you want with your lucky eyes." - P.O.
I am as you, I am nothing.

None of this lasts, it's all change, except this game. Accept this game. .

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