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Jul 1, 2006

An eclipse is rare. The light we see, each day above, dispels the darkness that surrounds it. It is more-often the case that we are to watch light's power over darkness, one-half of the battle.

A butcher is rare. For, so-termed "modern" society, food is already [as we so easily forget] grown, killed, maimed, and processed; as our wrapped food lacks the sig[-n]nature of death. It is more-often the case that the pseudo-connoisseur see's sustenance without death, an incomplete picture.

An un-happy ending is rare. As our standard language lacks a sufficient word for such as the "unhappy ending", we are instead bombarded with the un-real-istic happy ending, as to our fortune ['they' say], and to our amateur-ish vulnerability [un-fortunately]. It is more-often the case that one fails to follow their deepest desire[-s], to live a life [out of fear of the not-known and un-learned] of struggle that they see no alternative to; they believe that change might destroy whatever lesser happiness they have, from that damned happy ending. The result? Non-prepared, non-realistic, and ignorant human-beings constituting a majority. A majority that, when left un-checked, will destory whatever as-sumed progress has been accomplished; simply, the elimi-nation of that very 'stuff' which is currently sought and fought over. You witness it, in those, or yourselves who turn their conscious attention away from the war and toil caused by preserving one's religious doctrines(belief-structures). You witness it, in those, or yourselves who push the elderly, mentally unstable, or equally-considered "broken" person---without ascertaining one's own mal-function---out of sight and mind. You witness it, in those, or yourselves who deny [out of fear] death, and succumb to fantas[-y]tic delusions. Our children see half the actual-ity of total-ity because much is censored from their un-accustomed eyes. Society casts a blanket over those "rare and un-natural" moments, yet, despite their ignor[-ing]ance, it [naturally] exists, and will arise. At that time, the apparent apocalyptic caus[-e]ality, not-doubtedly forseen by many doctrines, yet, buried beneath layers of interpretations will be real-ized(made real).

How few have seen the black engulf the white. How many are then blinded from lack of in-sight. How feeble is [your] knowledge, without the will to fight. As direct as I can be: I. Your fears of death are the limits each of you must bypass! II. It's foolish to fear what is unseen and unknown! III. What room is there for change, within rules(laws) and regulations(limitations), expectation(predictions) and wishes(imaginations)?

This is a quest-ion for everyone. "If you'll open your eyes to the truth, a real secret is there."

[It] killed the boy that was, for whatever reasoning was essential.


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