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Jul 10, 2005

[lost] dreaming

sometimes, life is so-a-like a dream....

unpredictable, ever-changing.... and sometimes you even realize that you're dreaming... you have a degree of choice to either wake up, or take control of everything within your dreamed world.

and if you happen upon that moment, standing at the cross-roads of control and awakening... you could shift your gaze around and see the other-side of the many sights you dreamed up and passed by.

only then, at that specific moment (as best as words can distinguish), are you ready to choose your next step, and you must choose, for danger's close at hand/mind.

until then was there ever true choice (so called 'free'-will)?

I claim that true choice is born from pre-choice (conditioning a.k.a. fate). However, the real treasure is beyond-choice.

Let go... towards the unconditioned, towards the horizon, and towards the unknown.

The essence of this analogy is expressed systematically across reality.
Always two choices when awakening... leave it all behind, or gain unnecessary supercontrol
But what of their synthesis?