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Jul 26, 2005

the fear(s) of loss

The two of you play a tainted game of love and pain, longing and gain.
But in the end it's still the same... two halves spiraling around playfully, in focus or blurred... complementaries obtaining their true meaning, as the truth of this world is expressed completely.
I love so deeply.
Everything else loses flavor.
Everything else seems incomplete.
You are the only thing my eyes will see.
But do you feel the same about __?
Everything she'd ever do wasn't quite as it'd seem.
What if the girl you think you know, is nothing but a dream.
Emotions cloud reasoning.
Reasoning is endless.
Relative life is limited.
Learning to let go of what I fear to lose.
Learning to let go of what I don't know.
Forget who I was and who I want to be.
Forget what you did and what it will mean.
It's not choosing this [fucked up] reality.
It's a point of view outside of me.
This is the last [psuedo-]step.