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Mar 9, 2005

for these, your fading to nothing

broken worlds apart (breaking down beating hearts)
lost your seducing art (lost between scattered parts)
the pieces are falling (our reasons are slipping)
and there is no turning (my destiny burning)
back away from calling (when silence is screaming)
a fire's lie alight (fires lieing inside)
to stray from chosen path (finding oneself at last)
finally die, epic height (have always, our sweet night)

(for) that look in your eyes, to feel alive
(these) secrets you hide, deep inside
(your) always left alone in the end
(fading) timid voice within my head
(to) sleep i'm taken, temptful bed
(nothing) in everything alone in the end

had you no idea, within us, this power?
where fear cannot save you, the secret's revealed.
out beyond this world, where dreams no longer dreamed.
and the reality of our totality isn't unseen.
only those awake, appreciate what it means,
returning to mis-reality, with the un-for-seen