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Feb 23, 2005

the boX

our paths crossed
all i could do was walk away
back into darkness

where is my light?
this cage of night,
this fearsome sight,
this lonly height,
this constant fight,
this nearing white.
dear, broken lover,
i see you cry,
and ask you why,
my love can die.

why can't i stay?
who calls me away?
what destiny awaits?

// measuring the capacity while mastering all things, beyond these judgements.

1 comment:

Shivani said...

You can be the master of all...
But something has to redefine "you"- fill You,
(Something thats other than You till Now...)...

Respect & acknowledge that there exists a 'distance' between that power and You.....

:) ....Good to see your blog up again.....