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Jan 4, 2005


Everything that's happened, EVERYTHING(!), happened for a reason, for this one choice.
Everything's coming together: all experiences, all 'choices', all people, all lives, all perspectives, all actions, all possibilities from my perspective and the vast know-ledge(s) of man.

...converging upon a single uni-perceptual ultra-perspective.
...emerging from infinite mis-configurations.
...purging all illusion, incompletion, and mis-understanding.
BEHOLD the ultimate potential!
BEHOLD the boundless absolute!
BEHOLD the power unlimiting!
A time when time itself becomes consciously accessible, and paradox crumbles!

The CHOICE is clear. Do I answer the Call?
Two paths, two destinations, towards ultimate realization.
The question remains, or ?

When that moment passes by, and the choice has been made, i'll finally realize eXilius, and the (???) will begin.