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Dec 21, 2004

the FORgotten

Curse my mother and bless her still. For blame, truly, she takes heir.
Yet, never forget...her eyes touched mysteries of the unaware...
Beyond veils of perception, a worthless life awaited.
'til her words of fire burned all to ash and set me free [the Avatar]
...born again, born anew, i have awoken.

Warrior, i am. Farewell fear and pain,
and welcome Lonliness, together we travel,
you've never left my side, all of my power came from you...
and welcome Change, the true guardian angel,
you opened my eyes, you taught me truth...
and welcome Death, the only gatekeeper left,
i no longer fear you, i shall choose when...

And what is to be done? ... that I become ...
"ending what had begun, didn't let anyone get in
left with a trace of all that was, and all that could have been"
(--trent reznor)

...and then
I said farewell to all
without hope or reason
and went forth to become
what had always beckoned.