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Dec 9, 2008

Deathday : 1 ("Mrtyor mam amritham gamaya")
It is a behavior that has been widely adopted and practiced to celebrate one's birthday which foreshadows much of humanity's addiction with creation. Survival is an essential function of the animal (thus human) apparatus, but that particular positive over negative situation is only what it is and nothing further. It is when that addiction spreads underneth the web of reactions and passions that a person undertakes, in a course of a life, that the obtrusion of delusion manifests.

As it is not so much what we are as what we are not that unveils our underlying condition, a birthday is therefore a journey in the wrong direction (as any direction outward opposes the direction inward) from oneself in an atempt to affirm oneself. Perhaps this is a reason some have always felt so unattached to a birthday or need of, to that extent, depsite a multitude that want to celebrate it with them? Yet, is not the birthday a celebration of one's survival and therefore a worthy condition for celebration? 

One's idea of self is incomplete as one only has a finite memory of an infinite number of experiences that have come before further complexified by the vast number of  reflexes the muscles have acquired without memorative imprint. There is no self to be found via the coliqual meaning of the word. Instead, there are a collection of memories (assumptions) and imag[e]-inations (presumptions) that shade the light from the ground (the physical) of ourselves. The conception of the self is, necessarily, a deception of the self. Misplaced celebration lacks substance. Something happened that is worth celebration, this late in the game . . .

Today is a memorable day for me. Today is 'my' [opposite of birth]day. The death of 'my' tree of false-knowledge. That de-conception is the only thing worth celebration, for we spend --many longer than I--our lives within the illusion of our mental creations. To ignore the insubstantial flulf is to de-cognize the deception (the conception) of self. Subsequent celebrations are to be taken as concept-contraceptives until the entire facadual forest is uprooted.

. . . and it took 8888 days for me to realize.
"Mrtyor mam amritham gamaya."  (trans., from death lead me to immortality)
– Brhadaranyaka Upanisad, 1.3.28

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Anonymous said...

De-conception of self - lovely understanding - needs to be reflected in our day to day decision making....