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Aug 6, 2008

Unspeakables : 1
There is a monster in my closet and each night it comes to whisper in my ear all the truths I never asked to hear. 'I know the darkness in their hearts and this is how I tell them apart' so speaks this monster to my heart. And in the happiest moments of my life, when I think it's gone for just one night, I see the world at its end (a permutation). Sometimes I hear its voice whisper to me just then of what and who I am to them. A lesson or a sign but its voice is never the same, always slightly different each time. And the people I see who are blind until that end they who are lost within dream-like fantasies still pretend. And at the climax when both the lesson and the story become clear I lose sight of who I thought I was and all that selfish fear. I then awake awake to my life's lie. I hear their praise and complain but now they sound the same. I see their reactions and pain but they remain unchanged. They still pretend as who I thought I was once did. I act my part while clarity stays but only temporarily as it must know for it always returns when I always forget and pretend that I am naive again, just like them. Until I face it, I am still not truly alive. I am no different than any I have met and what I gain I must grant.

Who you think you are and who I think I am are the roles we thus portray. Yet, when you lose your act or script you lose your way. Then what purpose is there for you each day? To play the only game there ever was. Never forget the roles you chose to play and get stuck in some so-named 'way'--a pseudo-slave to ignorance.

Who do you think you really are? Why would I ask you, anyways?

Say goodbye to who you think you are. There is a monster that you imagine, but there is no closet nor monster in reality.

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