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Aug 11, 2005

Darkness of the heart.

Ink Boy: "There once was a boy who never had fun.
To him the world was black and there was no sun."

There's now a girl who understands,
that blackend heart, of that young man.
She could bring her sun[light] into his land.
And he'll be joyful 'till the end;
'til her last beam of sun grows dim.
Then they'll greet his darkness, once again,
but, 'this time things change' says her hand... holding his.

One can never know the light without the dark.
And there's no lonliness, within one's heart,
without another, who first broke it apart.
Thus, toward the unknown, one must start,
and seek until one finds one's way (oneself), lurking in the dark.

Beware the monsters of a black, cold heart.
To venture alone, in this dark---perilous art.
So will she help him find his way?
Point her finger towards his safest fate?
Save him from that same mistake?
That I too, years past, once made,
To learn how easy one can stray.
To skip within the range of blackest flame.
To tempt my life with the Abyss de Pain.
All because I went alone with hate.

And whether curse or blessing, it's too late.
And I dare not teach you the way.
But I warn of dangers that await.
Unless you find a needle for your thread,
to guide you where you need be led.


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