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Apr 30, 2005

Zodiac Warriors

The cub concealed, the scorpian arrives at the virgin's side.

Still can't say what you mean,
or clearly can you see,
and mean what you say.
You're surrounded by eternity,
---and yet you fade away!

The scorpion is stung. A mother, the virgin becomes.

Revealed what was concealed,
you remind me, that i forget what is real.
Was it essential to undo what was done?
---or is this the truth from which I run?
Confusing assumptions with reality.

Fate is not sealed but the lion is revealed.

My world is getting smaller everyday as everything's taken away.
I've decided [and convinced myself] not to stay...
[More and more] I think there was no other way,
All this truth converges [toward that fate].
That way, I cannot  [safely] go down, again.

Tales reborn with magical lies. How long shall the dreamers dream, tonight?

Fading away, the entire dream.
Nothing is quite as it seems.
Keep looking but can't find yourself still hiding in between.
Reflecting the sadness felt, is that all you want to be?
Be bold my dear, go beyond the so-called fear,
Haven't you heard? We cannot die, not here, not right ---
--now... let's begin again, toward the horizon,
And forget how this is all supposed to end.

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