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Apr 20, 2005

Itachi's Letter.

I'm tired of the respons[e]ibilities... there is no future for this soc----... I cannot walk the[ir] path any longer.

Nothing is beyond our total capacity.

How many have forgotten what is most important to them, because they cling to something insubstantial [incomplete and unreal] like their identity and beliefs?

"True change cannot be made if it's bound by laws and limitations, predictions and imagination."

It's foolish to fear the unreal, the unknown, and the inevitable.

How one fails to measure their capacity--to see the depth of reality.

How blinded by time; this psuedo-dreamer's dream ultimately ends one [mis]concept[ion] at a time.

If you open your eyes [your-self] to the truth, the real secret is written there [everywhere].

You too, dear hypo-thesis* can awaken the same >< as he [had].
You too, luminous [and potential] syn-thesis** are neither [limited by] this crude matter nor this fleeting interpretated translation.

(* Hypo- : under-before)
(** Syn- : unity-totality)

Shall no one cross this un-crossable abyss?
And it is dark; time, space, and concept will blur.

"The only way out is through," (a)cross the bottomless abyss.
And it is dangerous, "once open, the door never closes."

No longer fear what you see [past the reflection]...