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Mar 31, 2005

Mixing the wine.

And how I do dream...
"I jumped in the river and what-did-I-see?
Black-eyed angel(s) swam with me,
A moon full of stars and astral cars,
All the things I used to see,
All my lovers were there with me,
All my past and future(s),
There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt."
~(Radiohead - "Pyramid Song")~

3ach bit of truth in every(way)direction.
3ach piece percieved in any(thing)connection.
3ach part of you in some(body)relation(ship).
Who I'll become... (con-fusion)) ... beyond des(ins)cription (deception).

"Everyone's saying different things to me,
(different things to me)
Everyone's taking everything they can,
(everything they can)
Do you believe in what you see?
Motionless wheel, nothing is real
Wasting my time, in the waiting line
and i'll shout-i'll scream, but rather not have seen, and i hide away for another day
Do you believe in what you feel?
There doesn't seem to be anybody else who agrees with me."
~(Zero 7 - "In the Waiting Line")~

And who's right?

You make me feel... "like there's a part of me that I want to get back again"

And who's left?

"You came in from the darkness, and left the door open wide,
Stood there like a vision, before my unbelieving eyes.
fear has gripped the heart, whispering your name
hear the silence screaming, do they sound the same?
[do] I believe in what I see, and also what I hear,
but did the night [my mind] play tricks on me?
or were you really there? Am I being hypnotized?"
~(Paul Oakenfold - "Hypnotized")~

... beyond the pilgram(age).


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