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Feb 7, 2005

the fall of two leaves

(?): arn't you cold?
eXilius: yeah
(?): you shouldn't have worn that
eXilius: it's fine, i'm enjoying it
(?): enjoying what? it's cold!
eXilius: enjoying that sensation, it's really something special... when you think about it
(?): right, i hate the cold
eXilius: what if you didn't get cold?
(?): that'd be great
eXilius: would it? i think you'd be that much more dead... all these things people run from and remove, are they all really simply good/want or bad/avoid?
(?): what are you talking about?
eXilius: it just ... it just sounds like a really empty life... spent... running away from life itself.
::: silence :::

- - -

a thought: Just because someone dares to venture out where you wouldn't dare, does not mean that they don't know how to return (to rest). Often that someone carries tales from beyond the horizon that you crave to digest.