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Oct 24, 2004


The sea of tears will flow, upon its birthing crests rides tomorrow's undercurrent.
The sea of tears will crash, down onto sands of time and change: forever mixed.
I too am the sea, for I shall drown all fear and lies: erase the weak.
I too was the sea, for I can extinguish anger and overflow fortification.
I too become the sea, for you are the rivers that flow into me.
And where does one go when one does not know?
And what does one do when one has come through?
And who is anyone but not one of none?
Thus, the undercurrent comes: the overman walks.
Living dreams of fiery life.
What is free besides the blasphemy within me?


Shivani said...

hi Josh,
Absolutely powerful seeking in the current and previous post and i must say - very beautifully expressed....makes one think...

But as you know , the truth is beyond thought - it is in being - in increasing awareness or consciouness without analysis.... where as in your ( or for that matter even in mine) post's all one sees is analysis?
What happened to witnessing your being in silence and not questioning everything....

The mind has its limitations.... in grasping the dimensions of life existing - especially those belonging to intertemporal realm..

I still recommend you to try "Sahaja Yoga" to awaken the light within.. :) Here is what the preacher of Sahaja ( Mother Nirmala ) says:
"We should have only one intense desire within us, have I become the Spirit? Have I achieved my ultimate? Have I risen about worldly desires? PURIFY" ....

I hope You shall get the experience of self realization very soon.
Good Wishes.

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