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Mar 8, 2004

awake while asleep

Within my dreams I'm free, open, awake, and focused. Without my dreams, I'm confined, closed, sleeping, and unfocused. One yin, one yang, both needed to understand the other. I want to merge the realities. I will merge them. Everything coming together to let everything slip away. Losing myself to wake up to what I really am.

It's as thought, the gap between the dream world and the real world creates two contradicting illusions of who and what I am.
In both realities there are aspects that the other doesn't possess. Synthesism is the key. What I am is the combination of both, of all realities, even yours. What I am is nothing, like most things. Most things, not all. Absolutes are a dangerous grip on the universe, on reality.

It's all a riddle--a problem. We are the riddlers--the problem solvers. We riddles ourselves--created the problem. We have the ability to unthink what was thought.

A single word is enough to begin understanding.
But words should be treated like air. Use them to survive but don't look at them, look past them. Past the surface. Deep into their meanings. But never in isolation because everything is connected in this world. Humans to their surroundings, our planet to this universe, words to their sentences, sentences to situtations.